Starting CrossFit? Welcome to Flight School

New to CrossFit? We have the program for you that guarantees success into regular CrossFit programming!

Flight School is our mandatory 2-week program for those new to CrossFit. It’s every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:10 pm, and Saturday at 8:00 am. The 6-session program is designed to build the foundation of your knowledge in CrossFit and fine tune the movements to make sure you are ready for the ‘runway’ that is the CrossFit WOD and regular programming in our classes.  When you’re ready to give CrossFit a shot, you can start this program on any Tuesday.

We prefer that new athletes make the commitment to the 2-week program but if there is extenuating circumstance that make this impossible, please contact us and we’ll see if we can make something work for you.

Once you’ve completed the 2-week program, you’ll be immediately ready to go for regular classes and have all the classes available at your disposal.

Please contact us at [email protected] to book today!

**Note that there may be a waiting list for the program as it is limited to 6 athletes to ensure effective coaching.