Blog 5: Nutrition Coaching 

Nutrition is THE foundation of our health and wellness. You can work out 3-4 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a night, but if you aren’t fuelling your body the way you should, you will be hard pressed to achieve and exceed your goals.

Blog 4 : Protein Bar Review 
In need of some protein bars to stash in your desk or car for long afternoons or to curb your hunger on your way home?

The following reviews 10 protein/ power bars.

Blog 3: Daily Liquid Intake

How much water should you be taking in on a daily basis? Below are some guidelines:

As water makes up 60% – yes, almost two thirds – of your body weight, it is important to be taking in an adequate amount of fluid to keep your body running as it should.

    Blog 2: Macro-What?

    They affect many processes in our body, including:

    • ability to digest and absorb nutrients
    • hormone production
    • immune system health
    • cells’ structure and health
    • body composition
    • metabolic function

    Blog 1: Post Workout Routine

    At the end of a good workout, we lay on the floor until our breathing and heart rate return to normal, we can begin to make coherent thoughts and then get brought back to reality. Put away equipment, get dressed, drive home, get the kids ready for bed or school, pack a lunch, put on work clothes, get in the car or walk to the bus, and so on, and so on…