Friday Night Lights



On the final Friday of most months, CrossFit YOW hosts our regular in-house friendly throw down and community event from 4:30 pm to 7:00pm.

During Friday Night Lights, we announce one benchmark WOD and all athletes can drop in at any time between the specified hours above to complete the workout as we run heats throughout the night.

Friday Night Lights does not count towards an athlete’s allotted sessions, however, we ask that everyone coming in that night bring a donation for the charity of the month.

The purpose of these events is to, first and foremost, bring our community together, HAVE FUN, break some personal records, and get the competitive juices flowing. It’s the time to challenge your fellow athletes, surpass your own expectations and celebrate every athlete’s achievements!

Afterwards, athletes are encouraged to stay around, bring some snacks and/or drinks and hang out with the community. Families are also welcomed to watch and meet our community!