Mike Friesen


Mike Friesen started his fitness journey in 2012. He was heavily involved in track and field. His coach, at the time, strongly recommended he begin a strength program to compliment his sprinting regime. He did not take to it immediately and strength training definitely pushed him outside his comfort zone. However, Mike quickly began to appreciate the payoff this additional programming added to his performance, as his track results started to drastically improve. He then continued into pure strength programs and, over time, bodybuilding became a real passion. Mike then competed in bodybuilding and power lifting competitions to fuel his competitive spirit.

He knew that he wanted to work in the fitness industry and to use his focus to push the boundaries of fitness and the potential of the human body. So when it came time to go to college, Mike enrolled in the Fitness and Health Promotions Diploma at Algonquin College. It was during this time that Mike first discovered Crossfit. His first workout was with a bunch of friends. Mike thought of himself as an above average athlete, but the workout absolutely crushed him and left him feeling very unfit. He decided, after that initial workout, to make Crossfit his sport of choice. He joined the nearest gym and started training with a desire to compete. With this newly acquired passion, Mike soon came to realize that he not only wanted to compete, but he wanted use the skills he pursued in college to become a Crossfit coach and work with athletes who were committed to this elite fitness regime. He went on to complete his Level 1 Crossfit Certification in 2014. He started coaching out of his garage gym in Almonte and eventually completed an 8-month internship at Crossfit NCR before joining our coaching team at Crossfit YOW.

Certifications: Crossfit L1, Fitness & Health Promotion Diploma (Algonquin College), Standard First Aid and CPR Level C