Nutrition is THE foundation of our health and wellness. You can work out 3-4 hours a day, sleep 8 hours a night, but if you aren’t fuelling your body the way you should, you will be hard pressed to achieve and exceed your goals.

Phase 1: Initial Assessment

Each initial assessment comes with an intake packet for the client and a 3 day food log to complete. (If you are already tracking your intake, you can forego this step)

1st set of macros or meal plan breakdown, and 1 check in – phone, text or email. No commitment required beyond your initial assessment.


INITIAL ASSESSMENT – 60$ (tax included)


Phase 2: Monthly Macros

Once you have completed the initial assessment and trialled your first set of macros or your plan, you can begin Phase 2 – an at your discretion monthly subscription. With Phase 2, you will receive weekly personalized macro adjustments, or adjustments to your plan and one check in per week.

How it works:

Each client will receive a document containing: personalized macros, recommended mineral and vitamin, water and fibre intakes, energy score and self-sleep evaluation by 5pm Sunday night.

Intake days are Monday so you can start the week off right!

Weekly check in day can be Thursday or Friday. Sunday night, when your information is sent, you will select your preference of day and time.

Members 40$/month, Non-Members 50$/month (taxes included)