2019 CrossFit Open

February 21, 2019 – March 25, 2019

What are the basics and how YOW will operate during The Open.

First off, we at YOW want to state that our primary goal is to see each member’s fitness improve everyday and maximize everyone’s athletic potential to live the best lives we can outside of the box for the entirety of our lives. Our biggest goal in not to have members “peak” or a single event, but to have long, healthy lives with a sustainable level of fitness with the passion to always improve. The Open is an exciting time of the year no doubt, but it’s not our #1 priority and the fitness continues year round…


Canada Day In-House Comp

July 01, 2019

We will be having our annual in-house Canada Day Competition from 9am-1pm and we’ll have a BBQ for after the workouts. It’ll be 3-4 workouts in total that day. All you need is a team of 2 – doesn’t matter mixed team or same sex. The first WOD will decide if you go RX or scaled.  We’ll max out at 18 teams…