How much water should you be taking in on a daily basis? Below are some guidelines:

As water makes up 60% – yes, almost two thirds – of your body weight, it is important to be taking in an adequate amount of fluid to keep your body running as it should.

  • it helps excrete waste products through urination, perspiration and bowel movements
  • helps regulate body temperature
  • provides lubrication and cushioning for your joints
  • provides protective for tissues
  • keeps your body from becoming dehydrated

Men: 3.3-3.7L per day

Women: 2.5-2.7L per day

Part of your daily fluid intake will come from what you eat, so try to eat leafy vegetables and fruits.

Highest Water Content Drinks and Foods:








Water and Physical activity:

Athletes are advised to take in at least the higher end of the suggestion (3.7L for men and 2.7L for women to account for perspiration during physical activity, climate, muscle mass