Member Testimonials

“Love crossfit YOW. A very welcoming community for all levels of fitness. Proper technique and safety is always a focus. I have a knee injury and have always felt that the coaches take great care ensuring I do not further injure myself by providing me with modifications. Very relaxed and chill place!”

Crystal Borutskie

“My sister and I tried YOW for the first time today (Wed, July 5 @6am) and we were greeted immediately upon our arrival by a sweet coach named Emma. We enjoyed the WOD immensely and appreciated all of Coach Emma’s feedback and encouragement.”

— Rima Al Masri

“CrossFit YOW is a great box! Great coaches who understand just when to give you that extra push. It’s a great place to challenge yourself in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.”

Claudia Beauregard


“I’ve been there for almost three months now and I can say that it changed my life. It’s more than just the workouts. It’s having more people cheering for you, believing in you and suffering with you. Thank you CrossFit YOW for making me realize that I could more than I think I can!”

Kaynara Koerich

Great place for crossfitters of all levels. Very encouraging community and an awesome staff who love what they do.”

Patrick Pielsticker

“Awesome people, lots of fun. Can’t ask for a better community.”

John Ruff

“Great community and coaches, intense workouts, hard work encouraged as a path to results.”

— Warner Chaves Zuniga