The best way to find out about CrossFit is to experience it for yourself.

CrossFit in words is defined as that which optimizes fitness: constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity. The aim is to forge a broad, general and inclusive fitness for all. 

CrossFit not only physically prepares, strengthens, and conditions the physical elite, but also does the same for mothers, fathers, high school students, grandparents, the disabled, and everyone in between.

CrossFit is a fitness methodology that is, by design, broad, general, and inclusive. All the workouts are scaled by load and intensity, specific to the individual’s fitness level and ability. However, we don’t change the program.  Our goal is to prepare individuals for as many physical tasks as possible within different durations of time.  

CrossFit YOW believes that the communal aspect of fitness is a key component to its effectiveness.  Everyone in the community strives to be the best version of themselves bolstered by the constant support of their coaches and other athletes in the gym.   

Our goal is for our athletes to not just be healthy individuals, but to be FIT individuals, capable of commanding their bodies to perform any task they WANT on any given day. Anyone consistently doing CrossFit becomes more agile, flexible, coordinated, has more stability, endurance, stamina, power and is generally faster and stronger than they have ever been.

Finally, at CrossFit YOW, we believe fitness is an investment in one’s self – for the present day and for the future. 

Come try our introductory program, talk to our coaches and other athletes, and experience the community that is CrossFit.  Hope to see you soon!

Your fitness is a priority.