Flight School

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New to CrossFit? We have the program to successfully integrate new members into our community and to help them understand our programming! Without any CrossFit experience, you’ll be initially enrolled into our 1-week on-ramp program called ‘Flight School’ followed by regular CrossFit classes 3 times a week for 1 month.  

Flight School runs on consecutive Saturdays at 8am of your choice, and between those sessions on Wednesday, you’ll jump into a regular class and have a debrief with one of our qualified coaches. The program is designed to build a foundation of how a CrossFit session operates and a basic movement knowledge to insure you are ready for regular CrossFit classes and programming. 

We prefer that new athletes make the commitment to the prescribed Flight School schedule on Saturdays and one Wednesday, but if there are extenuating circumstances that make this impossible, please contact us and we’ll make something work for you through personal training sessions.

Cost of the 6-Week Program is $225+HST.

When you’re ready to give CrossFit a shot, either register today by clicking one the links below on the start date of your choosing or contact us via email at info@crossfityow.com with any question you might have.


“If it’s easy, it probably has no value.” 

Andy Stumpf – L1 Seminar Staff and former SEAL Team 6 Member