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Episode 22: Welcome Rich Davidson to YOW

It’s fairly rare when you get to speak to individuals at the apex of a sport! Rich Davidson represented Canada at the last year’s Olympic Lifting World Championships and will begin coaching at YOW this fall. To say we are excited to have Rich on board would be an understatement. 

Episode 21: Conversations with 10 YR Affiliate Owner Kevin Bowles

We’re Back!  Was lucky enough to get owner of CF Oshawa and 10 year affiliate owner Kevin Bowles on the Podcast and just let it fly.  What a wealth of knowledge and experience. This podcast could have been 3 hours long I feel and was fortunate to steal him for 60 minutes plus. Kevin’s audio came in awesome but mine was touch and go with this being our first Zoom podcast so please bear with me 😉 Enjoy!

Episode 20: Mindset

Went a little long on this one but some good stories were told. Steve Smaridge joins me and Mike on the Podcast this week to talk about mindset and some challenges that go along with having a sustainable lifestyle trending upwards.

Episode 19: Habits

On this episode, Mike and Steve discuss goals and perhaps more importantly, the habits that are the base to achieving a goal. We get a little all over the map with this one – but some good insight on long term habit creating. Enjoy.

Episode 18: Nutrition

On this episode, we talk about all things nutrition with Coach Emma. Some basic info on Macros, Keto, IMF, Paleo and Zone are discussed – why each could or not work for you. Some tips and tricks for good nutrition lifestyle changes and how discipline leads to long term goal achievement. Went over time but it’s worth it!

Episode 17: What is the RX anyways?

What is RX? On this episode, Coach Emma and Stephen talk about the ‘RX,’ why scaling is important and what to look for in the intended stimulus. Enjoy 😉

Episode 16: Q & A with Mike and Steve

Welcome back to our first episode post 2019 CrossFit Open. On this episode, Mike and Steve answer 3 questions we were asked over instagram. We talk about PEDs in CrossFit, were CrossFit is headed in 5 to 10 years and what motivates us to become fitter individuals and compete. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 15: The Open Talk

On this episode we sit down with some YOW veterans when it comes to The CrossFit Open (Mel Loveridge, Cat, Shawn, Sylvia), and talk about the good, the bad and the ugly. What can you expect from YOW, how The Open works, our experiences with The Open and what are some motivating factors to participate in The Open.

Episode 14: The Sister’s Black

Coach Paiano talks to Mel and Steph Black. They talk fitness in competitive sport, what motivates people to live a healthy life, why they choose to pursue CrossFit. Steph is currently training to become a paramedic and Mel is currently doing a Masters’ thesis study on what motivates people to get back in shape.

Episode 13: Trevor has Arrived

We finally got Trev on the podcast. Trev talks about starting CrossFit, early struggles with fitness, the journey of owing your own workout and some theories on what it takes to get through that tough workout. Enjoy folks.

Episode 12: Mandy & Tania Together Again

Really excited to have the fierce-some twosome on the Podcast. These two are always really motivated at the box and have been in “full send” mode since joining YOW. Enjoy this one folks – was great to have them on!

Episode 11: The Serge is here

On this episode, a popular figure in the gym, ‘The Serge’ joins us and talks about his start in CrossFit in 2009, his travels with the RCMP, how The Open was in the old days and what his goals are for the future.

Episode 10: Justin “The Intern”

Finally we’re back! After a bit of a hiatus with the family moving to Barrhaven, we got Justin on the show to talk about his L1 experience, teaming up with Coach Paiano for the Team Series and his recent travels to Europe. Enjoy!

Episode 9: Coach Paiano Answers your Questions

Coach Paiano goes solo, answering some questions posted online from the membership. He talks about some first issues to attack on your fitness journey along with what makes a good athlete. Hope you enjoy!

Episode 8: Coach Friesen

We finally got Friesen to get in for a podcast with his busy schedule. Emma plays host as she gets to ask Mike (and Paiano) some deep probing questions. Enjoy!

Episode 7: First Responders Kev & Mel

We got a great episode for y’all! YOW talks to two first responders here a YOW. How’d they get started in CF and why it works for them. Enjoy!

Episode 6: DJ is on the Podcast

We welcome DJ on the podcast to talk about getting into CrossFit, his transformation from an offensive lineman for Carleton U to a well rounded athlete and how he’s leading the example for his family.

Episode 5: Coach Emma and Mel L on the Podcast

Got an OG in for this podcast and finally our crazy busy coach Emma to talk about The Open, time management, the fan experience at the CrossFit Games and competing with horses!

Episode 4: Alison & Steve Williams

Lucky to have Alison and Steve Williams on the Podcast to discuss how they got into CrossFit, the benefits for them and their family and how lifting and moving stuff is cool for everyone.

Episode 3: Gym Mom Susan & Grant

On this episode we talk with the legendary Grant Yakimenko who you’ll always see at our noon class and our gym mom, Susan McGurk-Paiano. We touch on Grant’s military experience, the role of fitness and how both Sue and G-money value fitness more than ever with grandkids.

Episode 2: Tim & Jarlin

This week Steve sits down with Tim and Jarlin to talk about the Open, CF gear and what a CrossFit attitude looks like.

Episode 1: Cat & Shawn

Welcome to the Podcast! For our first episode, we have an OG pair in Shawn and Cat who help Coach Paiano begin our first Podcast. They discuss getting into CrossFit, their most feared workout and what CrossFit has done for them since starting.