CrossFit Flight School

New to CrossFit? We have the program that guarantees success for understanding our program and community!

You’ll be initially enrolled into a 6-week program.  First, you’ll be attending Flight School, which is our mandatory 2-week program for those new to CrossFit. It’s every Wednesday at 6:40 pm, and Saturday at 8:00 am and must be completed in succession. The 4-session program is designed to build the foundation of knowledge in CrossFit and fine tune the movements to make sure you are ready for regular CrossFit classes and programming.  Upon completion, you’ll then have an array of classes to select from for the next 4 weeks.  Here you’ll be attending regular CrossFit classes with our community. Beyond the 6 weeks, there’s no commitment.

When you’re ready to give CrossFit a shot, get in touch with us and start your CrossFit journey any Wednesday or Saturday, as room allows (limit of 6).

We prefer that new athletes make the commitment to the Flight School program on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but if there are extenuating circumstances that make this impossible, please contact us and we’ll see if we can make something work for you with personal training.

Please contact us at [email protected] to book today!

**Note that there may be a waiting list for the program as it is limited to 6 athletes to ensure effective coaching.


These classes are the staple for all members; from beginners to the competitive athletes.  A regular session will NORMALLY consist of a strength session, some skill work, and a CrossFit metabolic conditioning session or Workout Of the Day (WOD). This is where you get fit!


These sessions are specifically designed to improve the two main Olympic Lifts – the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.  These sessions are 90 minutes and are for everyone – new members and seasoned members.  Classes are designed to help members lift safer and lift heavier It involves working on technical efficiency with the barbell and eventually working under load. Again, beginners are welcomed!!!


These sessions are dedicated to team workouts consisting of up to four athletes on a team.  Very popular within the CrossFit community, these workouts are usually higher volume and consist of multiple movements where strategy to get through the workout comes into play. They will require you and your teammates to game-plan and communicate effectively to execute and complete the WOD.


Experienced Pilots only! After being screened and approved by your coaches, you will be able to register for Open Gym sessions where you can work on weaknesses. There are coaches present to help you during these sessions but there is no set structure so you’re free try a WOD that you’ve wanted to do for a while, work on accessory exercises, or do some stretching and mobilizing!


On the last Friday of every month, from 5 pm to 8 pm we will be hosting ‘Friday Night Lights.’ During Friday Night Lights, it’s one WOD and one WOD only. All athletes can drop in at any time during the 3-hour time window and to do the WOD (we usually end up running heats). Friday Night Lights does not count towards an athlete’s allotted sessions, however, we ask that everyone coming in that night bring a donation for the Barrhaven Food Cupboard.

The purpose of these events is to, first and foremost, bring our community together, HAVE FUN, break some personal records, and get the competitive juices flowing!

It’s the time to challenge your fellow athletes, surpass your own expectations and celebrate every athlete’s achievements!


A complete hour where complex gymnastic movements are broken down into the fundamentals.  We use simple drills, some, which can be replicated at home, to build superior body awareness and strength. Some classes will include a classic CrossFit WOD at the end of the session to practice the skills learned. This class is for anyone new to CrossFit as well as the experienced veteran.  The goal of these sessions are to teach athletes to move their bodies through space efficiently and safely so as to be repeatable in fitness and in life.


This is typically an hour long class that uses multiple methods to help restore muscles, fascia and other connectives tissues to their natural state, thereby improving mobility. Following this class, you will see an improvement in your workout performance through increased range of motion, supplement and the ability to create movement more efficiently.

Techniques for increasing mobility include: fascia release with soft, rubber balls, foam rollers and balls of feet (mashing); use of bands for muscle stretching, PVC and other odd objects, and most importantly, a guide to breath work and relaxation to reap the biggest benefits of each of these techniques.


CrossFit YOW is currently offering a CrossFit Kids program on most Sunday mornings throughout the year. Currently, we have programming designed for the following age groups and at the following times:

4-5yrs old         8:30am (40 mins)

6-9yrs old         9:15am (50 mins)

10yrs+ old     10:10am (60 mins)

Monthly Memberships and Drop-In Passes:

4-5yrs old         $40+HST per month on auto-renew

6-9yrs old         $50+HST per month on auto-renew

10yrs+ old        $50+HST per month on auto-renew

Age 4-5 Drop-In 10-Session Pass: $115+HST

Age 6-9 & 10+ Drop-In 10-Session Pass: $140+HST
*Drop-In Passes are valid till June 24, 2018

** Please note that once membership is cancelled, renewal into the program isn’t guaranteed if the class has reached its limit

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know at [email protected]