2020 CrossFit Open


Welcome to the 2020 Open! 

Here are the basics and how YOW will operate from October 10, 2019 – November 11, 2019. 

First off, we at YOW want to state that our primary goal is to see each member’s fitness improve everyday and maximize everyone’s athletic potential to live the best lives we can outside of the box for the entirety of our lives. Our biggest goal in not to have members “peak” for a single event, but to have long, healthy lives with a sustainable level of fitness with the passion to always improve. The Open is an exciting time of the year no doubt, but it’s not our #1 priority and the fitness continues year round. 

The Open is a voluntary friendly in-house competition that unites the CrossFit community once a year. This will be our sixth CrossFit Open at YOW and as always, we’d like as many members to join in the fun as possible but it should be fun and STRESS FREE.  Again, we want to emphasize that if you feel like a competition will bring on a great deal of anxiety, don’t worry – regular programming will continue throughout the Open. 

Members who don’t sign up for The Open will have the opportunity to do the workouts as well without a judge during regular classes on Friday, but will not be able to submit an online score at games.crossfit.com. Further to that point, if you’re not doing the WOD with a judge, your score IS NOT COMPARABLE to those competing in the Open. Having a judge changes the workout and we’ll leave it at that.

The only change in schedule is that Open Gym on Sundays will be cancelled so that members signed up for the Open may attempt the workout then.  However, we’ll add an Open Gym hour on Saturdays after Mobility. 

Something important that needs to be acknowledge is that if an athlete decides to sign up for the Open, you’ve made it a priority for the 5-weeks with the schedule we’ve provided.  This means if you need to complete a workout outside of the hours mentioned, you need to let Coach Paiano know 72 hours (3 days) prior to the workout being released Thursday night.  Please DO NOT expect us to change our schedules if you need to complete the workout Saturday and you let us know Friday night.  Unfortunately, if this is the case, athletes won’t be able to complete the workout at YOW.  Buy into the plan we’ll be implementing for you and the designated times to complete the workouts in order to have a fun and successful Open 😉


Here are the general guidelines:

  • Plan to complete the workout either Thursday night or more likely Friday.  Hopefully it goes well and it’s a one and done but if things go wrong, you may attempt a redo on Sunday
  • If you need to do the workout during Open gym on Saturday and it’s a long workout, it could be a one-and-done as you need to recover at least 24hrs
  • If you are doing the workout on Sunday because you have no other choice, it’ll be a one and done for that workout.
  • If the only time you can do the workout is Monday, coordinate with the coach Paiano the Wednesday prior to the workout being released to make sure they will be someone there
  • Failure to plan = planning to fail.

Schedule of Events during the Week:

  • Classes on Thursday will be 4pm, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm
  • YOW will be hosting a “Open Viewing” every Thursday night at 8:00pm
  • Workout on Thursday will be at 8:15pm
  • Friday heats will be in sync with our regular classes so no change there, just sign up for a class
  • Members signed up for the Open may attempt to do the workout or redo the workout Sunday at 10:45am and Monday (with coaches permission and judge) between 1pm-3:30pm. If completing the workout on Monday, once again please email Coach Paiano and let him know by Wednesday night  – and you’ll need to bring a judge 

As always, we will be having regular programming during every day throughout the CrossFit Open weeks.

We wanted to let everyone know our vision for The Open well ahead of time so you can plan accordingly and make your decision in regards to signing up for The Open. If you have further questions, please ask a coach or a member who has done The Open to get a better sense of what it’s about. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you might have regarding this event. Looking forward to everyone having a successful and fun Open season!

Let the games begin!

Win the Day.