CF KIDS 8-12 Yr old

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We put the ‘fun’ in functional movements and fundamentals! Under the watchful eye of a Crossfit Kids Trainer, your child will move safely and in a fun manner ! Come climb ropes, jump on objects, swing, row, run, skip, learn the basics of Olympic lifting, and more! 

Is CrossFit safe for children?
Absolutely! Exercise and active play is recommended for each child, throughout each stage of their development. The program is designed specifically for children and focuses primarily on safe movement to build strength, but we keep it fun! Bodyweight movements and impeccable form are the first and foremost. The older groups will have the ability to move on to light training and bars once technique has been established.

Will my child be at the same skill level as the other kids, even with previous experience?
We have that covered! The benefit of multiple trainers allows us to divide the kids into groups based on skill and age level. We will offer advanced instruction to those who are ready, and have tons of modifications ready for those that require it. Anything is scalable, that is the beauty of Crossfit.

How will my child benefit from Crossfit?
We teach children about proper movement by presenting fitness as a piece of everyday life. Through our fun and interactive environment, children learn about developing motor skills and coordination, being accountable for their movements and repetitions, and the benefits of mobility. Children benefit from the pairing of cognitive and physical skills, to create better athletes; the combination of vestibular movements as well as strength and conditioning will lead to children who are less likely to develop obesity or sedentary pursuits. In addition, this program is created to be a positive environment where kids develop a sense of support and encouragement from not only their coaches, but their peers as well.