The classic Crossfit style workouts –  60 minutes of monostructural movement, gymnastics & strength work that is suitable for all levels – from beginners to competitive athletes!


These workouts are usually longer, higher volume workouts that consist of multiple movements where strategy to get through the workout comes into play. These Saturday morning classes are very popular within the CrossFit YOW community so grab a friend and come on in!



Specialty class dedicated to the two Olympic movements; the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. These 75 minute classes are taught by National Level Weightlifters and bring athletes through multiple drills that increase proficiency with the barbell. Available for all levels of athletes beginner to advanced.


Specialty class dedicated to improving cardiovascular endurance. These 50 minute classes are conditioning based and will both test and improve your aerobic capacity and endurance. 



Offered on Tuesday evenings from. This hour long class, focuses on positions and breathing techniques that help you re-connect with your body, de-stress, stretch and relax. Our certified Yoga instructor designs classes with active individuals in mind. Please bring your own mat.



Open gyms are a fantastic resource and a chance to really hone your skills! Another great way of using open gym is to meet with friends, pick a WOD and throw down! Whilst this may seem like it’s completely random, it’s a great way of exposing weaknesses (as different people will want different movements in a WOD) so you could be forced to do something you need to practice.